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Automated Inspection Systems


Sciotex Automated Inspection Systems

Sciotex is a leader in designing automated inspection systems.  Our systems are machine vision based with custom software to solve complex inspection needs. Our machines are designed to operate at the highest speeds possible while maintaining inspection integrity.   Our engineers and scientists are very efficient resulting in significant saving to our clients.

Inspection System

Automated Quality Inspection System

Conveyor-based automated quality inspection system that detects and classifies four different type defects on multiple sizes of products.

Automated Fiber Optic Inspection System

Optical Fiber Defect Automated Inspection System

Defect inspection of fiber optic material during manufacturing on a draw tower. This high resolution system uses two line-scan cameras mounted …

Ball Coleman SeedView Agriculture Inspection System

Using advanced hardware and software, the Ball Coleman SeedView systems can measure leaf area, seedling height and chlorophyll levels all at the same time!

Automated Gasket Inspection System

The Gasket Automated Inspection System (GIS) automates the inspection of gaskets for defects including excess flash, blisters, tears and under cure. 

Automated Extrusion Inspection System

The Extrusion Visual Inspection System (EVIS) automates the inspection and defect analysis of long rectangular extrusions, either as 6 to 8 foot long pieces (offline mode) or as one continuous extrusion (inline mode). 

Inspection System for Paint and Screen Decoration

Conveyor based system that detects defects in design and pattern of dish ware that is sent through it.

Automated Inspection System for Thin Film Defects

Identifies and quantifies defects in thin films. The system utilizes a high-resolution camera, zoom lens, and XYZ motion control, which allows for imaging over an extended area and for auto-focus control.

Wafer Chip Inspection System

Measures the uniformity, size, and shape, as well as searches for defects in the plating of the connectors of electronic components. Each Unit Under Test (UUT) is compared to a known good part for that particular model number.

Pharmaceutical Automated Inspection System for Pill Holes

Size and location of multiple laser drilled hole patterns for holes  drilled into both sides of medicine tablets which are inspected at a high speed on a conveyor belt.

Tablet Coating Monitoring System

Software allows for the tracking of the velocity and exposed area of colored tablets dispersed among white tablets to monitor the mixing process of tablets during manufacturing.

Fiber Optic Component Inspection System

Checks small, glass, hollow core cylinders, used in fiber optic assemblies for a variety of defects, including blocked bore, cracks, and chips.

Mirror Defect Detection System

Quantifies defects on high quality mirrors using laser scattering and high resolution imaging.

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