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A Vision System for Web Inspection

Sciotex has built 100's of vision inspection platforms for all sizes and shapes of parts and products. In this example, we show the Web Inspection System is configured for the automated inspection of long fibers used in the construction of wind turbine blades. This platform, or similar, can be custom configured using our proprietary software or custom designed in-house to meet your specific quality control requirements.

Web Inspection System

The Web Inspection System uses line scan machine vision and proprietary software to detect defects of in wide format, continuous-run manufacturing operations. 

In this example, the system is configured to detect defects on long runs of fiber glass strands that are used in the manufacture of large wind turbine blades.

The test material is creamy in color. 93 Rods of roughly 7.3mm width around 150um spacing are fed thru the inspection system. These rods are glued onto a web from behind.

Web Inspection System

Web Inspection System

Blue collimated line lights was chosen for this application. This achieves better focus/sharpness because of its lower wavelength. Collimated line light helped reduce the illumination of the rod walls.

The material was front illuminated, and the cameras looked at specular reflection. The surface of the rods reflected most of the light appearing bright and the gaps either transmitted most of the light or scattered them thus registering much darker.

We made a 2-axis camera gimbal to rotate the camera in the yaw and roll axis to align all 4 cameras.

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