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Your Software Partner in Scientific Research and Biotechnology


Sciotex works on numerous projects with scientists at distinguished research institutions, biotechnology and medical device companies to create software for cutting-edge, biomedical imaging experiments, diagnostic data acquisition and medical device software.


Our collaborations have resulted in the publication of numerous papers in prestigious scientific journals. One of our clients received a Nobel Prize during our years of collaboration.


Our development staff have, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering and most have advanced degrees (MA or PhD). Contact us to leverage our talent and experience to complete your project.

Custom Microscope Software

Sciotex has developed over 30 highly acclaimed custom Microscope software applications for over 15 research institutions, including these types:


      • Light Sheet Microscope Software
      • Confocal Microscope Software
      • Adaptive Optics Software


  • The resulting work has led to numerous publications. Sciotex employees have been included as co-authors on many of these papers.  We have participated in the full lifestyle development from concept to commercialization and continue to support the customization needs of users worldwide.


  • Sciotex has proudly served the scientific and biotech communities for decades.  Throughout this time, advancements in innovation have truly been astounding. Let us help you with your project.

Some of our Technical Capabilities

Sciotex has been involved in the advanced scientific imaging and data acquisition space for over a decade.  We work side by side with your scientists and developers to craft the best processing and control software that has the power to change the world.


Software Development including:

    • LabVIEW PC, FPGA and Real-time execution
    • Image Processing and Custom Algorithms
    • Distributed Image Acquisition for high-speed, multi-camera installations
    • High speed image processing with GPUs, FPGAs, CPU vector extensions
    • Commercialization, Research Institution Transfer, Customization and Support


System Integration including:

    • Cameras including Andor iXon and Hamamatsu Orca-Flash
    • Galvanometers and piezo nanopositioners
    • Pockel Cells and acousto-optic modulators
    • Motorized stages
    • Flip mirrors, shutters, and motorized filters
    • Spatial light modulators and deformable mirrors
    • And much more…

Additional Scientific Vision Applications

Sciotex has been delivering custom systems and software for scientific applications for over 20 years, including these applications:


  • TEM Autoloader and Imager
  • FLY Wing Beat Analyzer
  • Hanging Drop Crystal Finder
  • Live C. Elegans Neuron Tracking
  • Birefringence Imager
  • Crystal Size Characterization System
  • Seed Germination Characterization
  • Circulating Cancer Cell Imaging
  • Mirror Defect Characterization System