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Business Technology Services


Business Technology Services

The business technology division of Sciotex has deep-reaching expertise into advanced collaboration systems, cybersecurity, networks, servers and many ERP Systems.  We are especially skilled at migrations between different systems and software price negotiations.  We can help you with a specific project, optimize acquisition / renewal costs or help you monitor and manage your systems on a recurring basis.

The Benefits of Sciotex’s Business Technology Division:

  • Supporting the business technology needs of world’s top companies since 1981
  • Special expertise in advanced collaboration systems upgrades, migrations and customization
  • Reduce cost and increase employee satisfaction by modernizing your systems
  • Unbiased business software specification and competitive vendor price negotiations
  • End-user support augmentation helps you better respond to L1, L2 or L3 support requests.
  • Proactive managed services including regular systems health checks

From the business office to R&D and the factory floor, Sciotex can help you better manage all of your technology, reduce the cost of today’s advanced technologies and increase employee happiness.

Modernize your Enterprise Collaboration Systems

In over 20 years, our business technology team’s top strength is in collaboration systems.  The digital transformation of collaboration has moved well beyond classic email systems.  Clients that decide to modernize their aging systems experience a long-term cost avoidance, productivity gains and happier employees.

Our Enterprise Collaboration specialists will:

  • Digitally transform your aging email-only based systems
  • Define the right software tools for your business
  • Migrate data from old into new systems
  • Integrate email, video, chat, document and design collaboration systems
Collaboration Systems Migrations and Consulting

System Implementation, Migration and Customization

Deciding to improve your business operation by implementing a new technology is the easy part.  Actually implementing the new software, migrating data and re-creating custom work-flows can be the real challenging part. We can help you mitigate the complexity and get you to a better future, faster.

Our Technical Services can help:

  • Add, remove, upgrade and migrate users, data and custom apps
  • Implement new modern network switching and routing systems
  • Specify new software and fill in missing workflow gaps
  • Add value by reducing future costs

Co-managed Software and Support Services

Sciotex’s co-managed enterprise services helps you reduce the total cost associated with using and supporting today’s technology.  Systems and software extend to every employee which can bring a high price tag.  Sciotex’s expertise enables organizations to optimize spend and better manage TCO. 

Our Enterprise Managed Services:

  • Reduce prices associated with software renewals
  • Lower internal support costs by extending your helpdesk functions
  • Proactively resolve issues with regularly scheduled health checks
  • Manage users and access control

Business technology services for manufacturing and science

Why you should choose Sciotex...

Sciotex enjoys a high client success rate. We combine multiple skillsets to deliver the very best client solutions at a the very best price points.