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Sciotex is a leading Vision Systems Integrator.  We have enjoyed over 30 years of success by expertly supporting the most innovative companies in the world with advanced Vision Inspection Systems.  Contact us today and our engineers will help get you on the right path.

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Sciotex works with the most innovative global organizations

The Key Advantages of Working with Sciotex.


Sciotex is a vision systems integrator for Cognex, Keyence, NI, Basler, LMI, HP and many others giving us the ability to design the strongest solutions.


We have advanced in-house software development capabilities for Machine Vision with deep expertise in custom algorithms, AI Vision Systems and Machine Learning.


Reduce project risk with short proof-of-concept development to test capabilities and performance along with active project management guiding milestone attainment.


Economical system duplication and site installation planning to support large-scale factory digital transformation initiatives and automated inspection operations.

Sciotex builds vision systems for many different scenarios

For over three decades Sciotex has been at the forefront of building systems for a wide range of applications.  We have used machine vision to help manufacturing customers automate quality control. We’ve built everything from large scale industrial vision inspection platforms that inspect large parts to scientific vision systems working at the microscopic level. Our team’s vast inspection system experience will develop the right solution for your unique needs.

Surface Defect Detection Vision System

Surface Defect Detection

Surface defect detection systems detect defects on many different surface types to automate the inspection process.

Web Inspection Vision System

Web Inspection

Web Inspection Systems that analyze characteristics of materials running on web manufacturing systems.

Conveyor Vision Inspection System

Vision Inspection

Machine vision systems that helps to make quality inspection decisions on high-speed conveyors.

Extrusion Vision System

Automated Inspection

Vision inspection systems for extruded products that can use multiple detection points and 3D analysis.

Robotic Vision System

Robotic Vision

Robotic vision can analyze for inspection criteria such as measurement and defects.

Packaging Vision Inspection System

Packaging Vision Systems

Vision inspection systems for packaging speed up the inspection process. Blister packs, lids, foil seals for food, pharmaceutical and many others.

Gauging Measurement Metrology Vision System

Gauging and

Use machine vision to analyze the measurement tolerances of your parts or products.

Packaging Vision Inspection System

Vision Systems

We have worked with the top research institutions, universities and industry on software for microscopy and control.

Packaging Vision Inspection System

Multi-stage Inspection

Multi-stage systems test many different item variables like size, weight and surface defects. All in a single system.

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