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We Enable the Digital Transformation of your Factory Floor


As a manufacturing automation and software development company, Sciotex is uniquely equipped to help our clients with Industry 4.0 and other Digital Transformation initiatives on the factory floor including:

  • Factory Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Access Control
  • SCARA, DAQ, PLC and Custom Process Control Software
  • Custom Driver and Database Development
  • Factory to IT/Business Systems Integrations
  • Acquiring Better Process Intelligence and Analytics Data

We can help you interconnect industrial, chemical and scientific processes with the business side giving you greater visibility and deeper actionable insights.

Process Control

Custom PLC, HMI and Process Control Software

Control “batch” processes or subsystems in larger processes.  We can write software to interact with almost any hardware.  Users are delighted with our easy to read and navigate interface designs. Management is happy to reduce cost by monitoring and acting upon data acquired from modernized software.

Sciotex’s custom process control software provides:


  • P&ID software interface customized to mirror documentation
  • User can develop and execute custom scripts
  • Custom Alarm Definitions, Trend Graphing, and Logging
  • User Access Control
  • Monitor, Control, Automate and Report
  • Industry 4.0 Communications Interface with Hardware and Databases
Industrial Networking

Factory Networking and Plant Security

Connect automation and control systems to IT/Business systems with a converged, industrial Ethernet network. Create a unified, highly secure wired and wireless network, and improve communications on the plant floor. Protect plant assets and production integrity with specialized factory security products.

We can help you:



  • Get industrial and business systems talking to each other
  • Improve plant visibility
  • Move towards enhanced analytics from the factory floor
  • Industrial IoT
  • Prepare for 5G
  • Improve operational performance

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Digital Transformation of the factory floor is a rapidly evolving strategy.  It’s also highly specific to your unique manufacturing environment. You need an engineering partner to help you along your journey. We are engineering systems integrators who will work by your side to get your industrial systems talking. 

Our digital transformation services can help you:


  • Partner with an actual engineer, not a sales rep selling a product
  • Identify communications points, protocols and network topology
  • Write custom software, drivers and databases
  • Integrate with other advanced manufacturing systems we develop
  • Advise on Machine Leaning, AI and other Cognitive Computing issues
  • Prepare for approaching technologies like 5G, enhanced security and analytics

An Automation Company with a Human-Centric Approach.