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Sciotex is an advanced Manufacturing and Scientific Automation Company that designs, develops and builds custom systems for:

  • Manufacturing Automation and Assembly
  • Material and Chemical Processes
  • SCADA, DAQ, PLC and Advanced Process Control
  • Automated Test and Measurement
  • Advanced Vision Systems and Data Acquisition
  • Automated Quality Assurance, Inspection, Validation and Verification
  • Customized High-Speed Counting Systems

We specialize in designing creative solutions to the most challenging industrial, chemical and scientific process problems.

Serving All Industries with Advanced Industry 4.0 Technologies

Sciotex has the experience of developing high-end solutions throughout the evolution of the industrial cycle.  Beginning in 1997 and developing today for Industry 4.0 devices, software and machines that more interconnected than ever.  We have proudly assisted:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Electronics and Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device
  • Scientific Research
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Logistics

Contact us today to speak with an engineer about your ideas and we will collaborate on developing you the best solution.

Automated Assembly

Custom Automated Work Cells

Our company specializes in the automation of manufacturing related processes where an “off the shelf” solution does not exist.  If your process deals with oddly shaped parts, high speeds, or has other special material handling considerations, let the team at Sciotex help you find a way. 

We have created many custom solutions using:


  • Robots and Cobots
  • Gantry motion systems
  • Conveyors
  • Custom Linear and Rotational Motion Systems
  • Solenoids and Actuators
  • Grippers and End Effectors (vacuum, needle, conventional, etc.)
Process Control

Custom Process Control Software

Control “batch” processes or subsystems in larger processes.  We can write software to interact with almost any hardware.  Users are delighted with our easy to read and navigate interface designs. Management is happy to reduce cost by monitoring and acting upon data acquired from modernized software.

Sciotex’s custom process control software provides:


  • P&ID software interface customized to mirror documentation
  • SCADA and custom HMI
  • Custom Alarm Definitions, Trend Graphing, and Logging
  • User Access Control
  • Monitor, Control, Automate and Report
  • Industry 4.0 Communications Interface with Hardware and Databases
Inspection System

Automated Inspection, Test, Measurement and Counting

Do you need to isolate defective parts or characterize process defects?  As a top tier automation company, Sciotex has over 20 years of experience creating machine vision inspection and measurement systems. Our architecture saves clients considerable time and money.

Our inspection and measurement solutions help you:


  • Gain manufacturing intelligence for process improvements
  • Quantify issues occurring “upstream” in manufacturing process
  • Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Monitor and Drive Key Performance Indicators
  • Use 3D Modeling to Visualize the Design Process
  • Add value by reducing future costs

An Automation Company with a Human-Centric Approach.