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Process Control Engineering

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Process Control Systems Development Services

Sciotex has developed hundreds of custom Process Control Systems over the past 25+ years. Our developers have written software for pilot plants up to large scale production systems.  We have worked on projects on some of the most innovative chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and municipal projects for the world’s leading companies.

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Sciotex’s process control software development services encompass a comprehensive range of features designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. The development team at Sciotex is adept at creating custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to daily operations. From real-time monitoring and data analysis to automation and predictive maintenance, Sciotex’s software solutions are crafted with precision to elevate process control to new heights.


The industries served by Sciotex span a broad spectrum, including chemical manufacturing, energy, pharmaceuticals, and beyond. In the manufacturing sector, Sciotex’s software enables precise control over production processes, reducing waste and increasing overall productivity. In the energy industry, their solutions contribute to optimizing resource utilization, enhancing reliability, and improving safety protocols. The pharmaceutical sector benefits from Sciotex’s software through stringent process control systems, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and maintaining product quality.

Example Applications

  • Ethylene Oxide Reactor Systems
  • Watlow and Eurotherm Reactors
  • HFC Refrigerants Reactors
  • Gas Mixture Control & Validation System
  • Tablet Manufacturing Lab Monitoring System
  • Powder Feed Control Systems
  • Fillstand Control Systems
  • Catalytic Testbed Control & Monitoring Systems
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