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When you need a LabVIEW programmer, the advantage to using Sciotex is that we are a full-service 100% US-based engineering firm.  Our LabVIEW consultants will become an extension of your team giving you efficiencies that save significant time, money, and a whole lot of headaches.

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Specialized LabVIEW Programmers Available

Our team develops LabVIEW programs for complex tasks using AI, advanced algorithms, computer vision and custom drivers. We can integrate with most hardware vendors and develop applications to automate test, inspection and process control tasks.

LabVIEW Gauging, Presence Detection, Pattern Matching, etc.

Access to over 100 custom powerful machine vision tool libraries including geometric matching, optical character recognition (OCR), and particle analysis to locate, count, measure, identify, and classify objects.

One Software Package for All Vision Hardware

Acquire and process images with any LabVIEW NI frame grabber, NI Compact Vision System, NI Embedded Vision System, NI Smart Cameras as well as USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, IEEE 1394 cameras, and USB DirectShow cameras.

LabVIEW Integration with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Automation Devices

Set up complex pass/fail decisions and communicate inspection results over digital I/O, serial, Modbus, Canbus, or Ethernet protocols. Display images, measurements, and results using the built-in deployment interface or customize your own.

Easily Integrate all Industrial Test and Automatoin with LabVIEW Support

Most of our systems are designed in LabVIEW or C.  If more complexity is required, We can convert to and from LabVIEW code for continued development, access to more features or part of a modernization or commercialization program.

LabVIEW Programmer and Consulting Services

Need a LabVIEW Programmer for Cleanup or Upgrades? Sciotex can help.

Do you have LabVIEW code to support that is outdated, poorly written and doesn’t perform well?  Need to add features to existing code but are in over your head? Let Sciotex save you time and expense by cleaning up your existing codebase, converting it into a clean, readable architecture that will perform better and allow for future updates.

  • Improve code readability
  • Squash bugs
  • Increase Performance
  • Generate Documentation
  • Code Upgrades
  • Systems Enhancement
  • Custom Drivers

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