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High-Impact Engineering Services

Since 1997 Sciotex has been developing engineering solutions alongside talented engineers and scientists for some of the most respected organizations in the world. LabVIEW, Machine Vision Systems, Automated Test Equipment, Scientific and Industrial Automation solutions are at our core.


Our operating principles and client-first priorities are well-honed and supported by employees with talent spanning computer engineering, electrical and mechanical, physics and mathematics.  This team combines to deliver the very best client solutions at very powerful economics.  Sciotex enjoys a 100% client success rate.


Our Services


We work with many customers on a Time & Materials basis. Whether it be scientists developing new experiments or manufacturers creating new processes, an hourly contracting arrangement can be more appropriate when project requirements are difficult to define up front or are likely to change frequently throughout the design process.

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Web Inspection Vision System

Turn-Key Systems

Sciotex is a full-service systems integrator offering complete turnkey solutions for your application. Our system solutions are developed in-house in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania and include cameras, lenses, sensors, signal conditioning, instrumentation, custom electronics, lighting, and computer hardware with versatile application software and elegant user interfaces.

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Software Development

Sciotex is a custom LabVIEW software development company with over 20 years of experience. We pride ourselves in creating the cleanest, most readable source code that will meet your application requirements today and into the future. From the simple and small to the large and complex, Sciotex can help you reach your LabVIEW software goals.

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