Automatic Inspection Systems

The automation consultants at Sciotex have a reputation for creating top performing custom industrial automatic inspection systems.  These systems drastically improve operational efficiency and profitability. We provide a full service automated inspection system designed, built, integrated with custom software that ensures your solution functions well even when the application is challenging. Our expertise allows efficient setup, which keeps your costs lower by minimizing rework.


Coleman-Sciotex customizes and installs Automatic Inspection Systems for:


     ✔ Surface Defects

     ✔ Assembly Confirmation

     ✔ Measurement and Gauging

     ✔ Packing Quantity and Condition

     ✔ Dimensional Verification

     ✔ Product Testing and Quality Assurance

     ✔ Verification and Counting


Contact us to discuss your unique automatic inspection system application. 

automatic inspection system

Need an automatic inspection system for defect detection?

At Coleman-Sciotex this is one of our strongest talents. We specialize in finding the most creative and high ROI solutions to the most challenging automatic inspection challenges.  Our inspection systems create heroes by often generating millions in company savings.

At Sciotex, we have designed and built many custom machines to automate inspection  processes.  Our machines are:

  • Stand-alone inspection systems or subsystems integrated into larger manufacturing processes.
  • Developed using 3D modeling so our customers can visualize progress throughout the design process.
  • Built with cost, effectiveness, usability, safety, and reliability in mind.
Fiber Optic Inspection System

Our high speed defect detection algorithms reduce your inspection program costs.

Depending on what you manufacture, defects can be expensive to detect.  Complexity adds increased costs in inspection time, specialized equipment and training specialized personnel.

We have created many automatic inspection systems using:

  • Advanced Imaging Systems
  • Lasers
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Custom Software

Custom software for your automatic inspection system... ...It's what actually makes it work.

The systems developers at Coleman-Sciotex are at the forefront of industrial software development.  This is an area that will make us stand out from off the shelf systems.  Knowing how to evaluate your complex custom manufacturing process and create the custom software to actually make an automatic inspection system work requires expertise in the following subjects.

  • Advanced Image Processing
  • Custom Algorithm Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Embedded Systems

Long Term Partnerships Built on Success

Contact us today and tell us about your ideas for an automated inspection system.

The intellectual pursuit of top quality systems development is always an amazing experience. We really enjoy the collaboration that comes from building long-term trusted partnerships with our clients.  We create the significant competitive advantages that help our clients to be market leaders.

That’s the really fun part.  Let us know who you are, and we’ll reach out to discuss your systems.

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