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Examples of Our Work

Automated Inspection & Industrial Machine Vision Applications

View extensive descriptions of some of the custom Automated Inspection and Industrial Machine Vision applications we’ve developed.

Automated Test Applications

For more than 15 years, Sciotex has delivered cost-effective automated test systems. Reduce your costs by investing in a platform that combines open PC technologies and modular instrumentation with industry-leading test system software. 

Data Acquisition Applications

Sciotex has developed hundreds of Data Acquisition systems and applications for a wide variety of industrial, R&D and university customers. We can help you develop and automate your experiments or industrial measurements. 

Motion Control Applications

Sciotex provides a range of motion control solutions to fit your application requirements. We draw upon our long history of integrating stepper, servo, and other motion hardware into “smart” applications to design efficient solutions for your requirements.

Process Control Applications

Sciotex has extensive experience in designing and optimizing process control applications, and in particular applications employing National Instruments Real-Time and FPGA hardware targets. 

Remote Monitoring Applications

Mission critical facilities typically demand automated monitoring solutions. Sciotex develops platforms for logging at remote installations and feature sophisticated alert systems. 

Scientific Vision Applications

At Sciotex, we have multiple developers with science PhDs developing advanced imaging systems and custom image analysis software. Our clients include numerous universities, foundations, medical device & pharmaceutical companies, and others, and our work has led to publication in scientific journals.