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Counting Machines

Industrial High-Speed Counting Machines

Sciotex wants to help you improve all operations that involve counting parts.  For over 20 years, we have developed many transformative counting machines.  We have also built a line of standard systems like our stand-alone industrial counting machine for small parts. You can get an online demo to test your own parts or we can use a sample from our vast library.  These counting machines can count at speeds up to 1000 parts per second!

Sciotex offers 3 standard models of stand-alone counting machines that will count your parts ranging from .03mm to 150mm. We have also developed thousands of custom counting and automated inspection systems and can integrate our systems with most major automated packaging systems. We have deep experience counting in drop-zones, conveyors and leveraging robotics for advanced inspection, count, pick and place operations. Partnering with the experts at Sciotex will save you significant time and money.

Counting Machine
Counting System


No other counting machine can match this counter for speed. Round 1.25 mm pellets can be counted at 1,000 per second, and large objects like ¼-20 nuts at 200 per second.

Reduced Costs

No more labor intensive hand counting or wasteful overfilling based on weight. PerfectCount systems have ROI as low as a few weeks for most applications.


PerfectCount counting systems achieve >99.99% accuracy at lower feed rates and maintain accuracy above 99.5% for speeds into the hundreds of parts/sec for most parts.

Flexible & Easy

Standard part counter system counts objects between 0.3mm and 150mm. The easy-to-use software allows for counting and packing. Further customization for your needs is available.

How Does it Work?

Unmatched Ease, Speed & Counting Accuracy

Our state-of-the-art vision-based technology with advanced image acquisition and custom analysis software work together to provide the ultimate in high-speed counting with very high accuracy.

Small objects fall through a “drop zone” where they are imaged by a high speed camera 35,000 times/sec, which “sees” the falling objects from two view angles.

Part Counter

Any Shape, Any Material - Instantly Measures Size Distribution

PerfectCount works with objects of any shape: disks, balls, rods, objects with holes, or even complex geometries. Material type doesn’t matter to PerfectCount. Transparent glass, polished metal, and many food items are not a problem. A special version of PerfectCount has been developed for seed counter applications.

In addition to high speed counting, PerfectCount provides real-time information about the three-dimensional size distribution of the parts. These two orthogonal views allow our custom counting software to compensate for cases where objects overlap in one or both views, which allows PerfectCount to provide extremely accurate counts at high speeds.

Which Model Do I Need?

Read our buyers guide to learn about the different models.

We have written a buyers guide to help educate you on the different drop-zone models we offer. This will help you learn about the best technology to use for your parts. And we are always here to help you navigate with a demo or chat.

In addition to these models we have developed many custom counting applications for drop-zone, conveyor and many robotic applications.


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How Much Does it Cost?

Estimate Your Return on Investment

Based on our most popular drop zone counters, we created a basic calculator to help you figure out how good the counter is for any given application. This assumes that you are using a scale and overpacking to ensure adequate filling. We also assume for this calculator that you are using the standard size of counter, and that you will aim for 99.8% accuracy (all errors being undercounting), so you will overpack by 0.2% with the counter.

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Ditch the Scales and Deliver Superior Counting

Common practice in high-volume manufacturing and packing operations is to estimate the number of parts by their weight. Unfortunately, varying sizes and material densities often lead to wasteful overfill.  Counting small parts manually or by weight is one of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks.

Be a hero by solving this problem with PerfectCount: the high speed counter and small parts counter machine.

PerfectCount uses vision based technology to individually count each part at lightning fast speeds. How fast? As one example, 1.25mm pellets can be counted at over 1,000 parts per second!  That’s hero territory!

We have table-top models to fully integrated systems. The PerfectCount counting machine is designed, built and supported in the United States to exacting standards.  PerfectCount has been developed to save significant time and money. Often paying for itself in a very short time.

What Other Types of Counting Machines do we Build?

High Speed Drop Zone Counter

The Drop Zone Counting Machine lends itself well to many different counting needs. There are many different sizes and configurations.  There are also many options for material handling before and after the count. These are especially useful in high speed and high volume counting operations.  Speeds can now reach up to 2000 parts per second.

Counting Machines
Conveyor Counting Machine

Table Top or Conveyor Counting Machines

Table Top and Conveyor Counting can improve many different types of counting operations.  These are really interesting because there are countless ways to integrate these systems into your operations.  From basic manual table top models to fully integrated systems on high speed conveyors, these systems can be customized to your exacting needs.

Robotic Pick, Place, Count, and Inspection Systems

Robotic counting systems are highly configurable to improve many different operations. Counting, Pick and Place, Vision Inspection, and other characteristic determinations can be made. These systems can be built to handle a wide range of counting and quality control operations and can continually improve as your needs grow.

Robotic Counting Systems
Cardboard Counting Machine

Stack Counting Systems

The StackCount stack layer counting systems from Sciotex offers a high-speed solution to counting stacks of things on a Pallet.  Think stacks of cartons, carboard, boards, tires, filters, really anything that is stacked can be counted with StackCount from Sciotex.

Integrated Counting Systems

Any of the automated counting systems from Sciotex can be added to your automated packaging systems or integrated into your manufacturing, process and quality operations. We are experts at developing the automated counting and vision inspection systems that can improve your quality and operations at multiple stages of your process.

Counting and Packaging Systems