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Motion Control Systems and Applications


We Build Custom Motion Control Systems

Hot Dip Simulator

Controls motion, heating, cooling and logs data from a 1/10th scale simulator of steel manufacturing facility. Uses PID control to optimize heating and cooling of steel panels.

Bio-sample Biaxial Load Tester

Investigates the mechanical properties of biological and synthetic tissues by stretching samples using a set of four in-plane stepper motors. In this system, load cells monitor the forces applied to the sample, while an overhead camera tracks marker dots on the sample.

Wellplate Inspection System

Software controls an XY stage and takes pictures of the well samples and then analyzes wells for interesting characteristics. camera tracks marker dots on the sample.

Robotic Vial Control System

3-axis robotic system used to pick up and relocate vials from hot to cold plates at an experimental station, containing 1280 vial positions. Up to 16 independent experiments can be run simultaneously.

4-axis Semi-rigid Cable Bender

Control system for generating complex three dimensional, high-precision bend patterns in semi-rigid cable.

Tube Drawing Line

Control system for the production of small diameter, thin-walled, cold drawn tubing from larger diameter mother tube.

Magnetic Field Mapper

Acquires, analyzes, and archives 3-D mappings of magnetic field emanating from large cylindrical magnetic probes using in oil wells. Visualizations of fields can be produced from multiple angles with overlay plots from different runs for comparison.

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