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Conveyor Based Vision Inspection Systems

Sciotex, Inc is proud to offer our ConveyorView series of Automated Visual Inspection Systems, which perform high-resolution inspection of both top and bottom surfaces of objects larger than 2 inches wide (51 mm). For objects smaller than 2 inches, we recommend Sciotex MultiView Inspection Systems.


As the objects are conveyed through ConveyorView, it passes by customizable imaging substations that can view the sides, top, or bottom of the objects. The bottom of the parts can be inspected by passing over a small gap between two conveyors. Based on the results of the inspection, the objects can be separated or sorted using automated diverters.

Typical Applications

  • Defect detection
  • Gauging and metrology
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) & OCV
  • 3D laser height mapping

Standard Configuration

  • 12 inch wide by 3 foot long conveyors (1 inlet, 1 outlet), speeds 0 to 150 feet/min.
  • Two 4k B&W linescan cameras : < 0.003” resolution of both top and bottom surfaces
  • LED line illumination
  • PLC compatible digital output of inspection results
  • Custom modified, application specific, ConveyorVIEW Inspection Software

Common Options

  • Single conveyor with top only inspection
  • 3D laser height mapping
  • Remote monitoring & result communication via TCP/IP
  • Additional imaging stations
  • Custom or laser line illumination
  • Touch-screen monitor

Please refer to the following datasheet for more information:

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