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Flexible Terms + Proven Project Management

We work with many customers on a Time & Materials basis.  Whether it be scientists developing new experiments or manufacturers creating new processes, an hourly contracting arrangement can be more appropriate when project requirements are difficult to define up front or are likely to change frequently throughout the design process.

Many customers are understandably hesitant to begin development without a handle on the expected costs. In addition to providing accurate estimates of projected project costs for time and material projects, we frequently suggest “phased” projects, with intermediate goals and milestones, so that our customers can frequently reaffirm that they are receiving a great value for their investment.  Sciotex can also add maximum limits to the project terms to prevent runaway costs.

We will be happy to provide references to many of our past and present customers who have found great value in this mode of project development.

Continuity of Services

Sciotex’s consulting services emphasize continuity, meaning we put the customer in direct communication with the lead engineer throughout the lifespan of the project.  We believe this model increases efficiency and improves overall customer experience.  By utilizing a single point of contact who is highly technical,  we are able to respond to customer requests immediately and accurately.

Meeting your needs with the best strategy

Need a fixed price for your project?  We will work with you to develop a system specification for those requiring a fixed price quotation. Please see Turnkey Systems for more information.

Industrial Automation & Robotics Software

Why you Should Choose Sciotex Services

Sciotex enjoys a 100% client success rate. We combine multiple skillsets to deliver the very best client solutions at a the very best price points.