Truly Remarkable Engineering
Takes Many Talents
Sciotex engineers and scientists have extensive training and education in diverse fields
including Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mathematics
and have a passion for high-performance, inventive engineering
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With more than 20 years of vision expertise, Sciotex has earned a reputation for solving
the most complex and challenging machine vision and automated inspection applications
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Expertly Crafted
Machine Vision Systems
Automatic Inspection, Test and
Measurement Systems
Custom automated test equipment that measures the composition or
characteristics of your product or components while collecting
valuable data and insights for continuous improvement.
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Sciotex collaborates with scientists at distinguished research institutions
to create custom software for cutting-edge biomedical imaging experiments
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Making an Impact
In Advanced Scientific Imaging
Sciotex is a leading systems integrator that partners with clients and
the best hardware manufacturers to develop customized software
solutions that maximize the effectiveness of complex industrial systems
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Driving Efficiency with
Modern Industrial Automation and
Process Control Solutions

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About Sciotex

Coleman Technologies recently changed its name to Sciotex. It’s the same great company and the same great engineers and scientists who have extensive training and education in diverse fields including Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Sciences, and have a passion for high quality, inventive engineering across multiple industries.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Defense
  • Scientific Research

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Technology

Sciotex leverages today’s most advanced technologies to design and build solutions using productive and cost-effective methods.

Efficient Delivery

Our business model allows for efficient scheduling and milestone delivery giving your projects the attention they deserve.

Certified Engineers

We have AIA Vision Professionals on our engineering staff and we are a National Instruments Vision Specialist Alliance Partner.

We provide innovative engineering and software solutions for manufacturing and life sciences delivering an average 7 month ROI to our clients.