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Inspect Disk-Shaped Parts Like O-Rings, Washers, Disks Etc.

Sciotex has built 100's of vision inspection platforms for all sizes and shapes of parts and products. In this example we show the SDIS system configured for the automated inspection of disk-shaped parts. This platform, or similar, can be custom configured using our proprietary software or custom designed in-house to meet your quality control requirements.

Small Disk Inspection System - SDIS

The Small Disk Inspection System detects a wide range of defects including chips, pits, scratches, pits, plating and contamination. 

The SDIS system has application areas in medical devices, energy, textiles, or any industry requiring exacting inspection of disk shaped parts.

Small Disk Inspection System

Small Disk Inspection System Demo

Here is the SDIS platform is custom configured as a fully automated system for inspecting for diameter, chips, pits, scratches, plating and contamination on both sides of the disk. This system is equipped with an automated accept / reject system where it blows the object into the appropriate bin based on pass / fail inspection results.  Sciotex engineers can customize this platform to your specific needs.

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