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High Speed Surface Defect Detection on Reflective Surfaces.

Sciotex has built 100's of vision inspection platforms for all sizes and shapes of parts and products. In this example we show the SDDS system configured for the automated inspection of surfaces. This platform, or similar, can be custom configured using our proprietary software or custom designed in-house to meet your quality control requirements.

Surface Defect Detection System - SDDS

The Surface Defect Detection System is a detects a wide range of defects on shiny, or even reflective surfaces.  This system can detect color, wear, scratches, chips and other defects.

The SDDS system has application areas in refurbished cell phones, collectable trading cards and for other reflective surface inspection needs.

Surface Defect Detection System

Surface Defect Detection Demo

Here is the SDDS platform custom configured as a fully automated system for inspecting for and grading a sample card for surface scratches, wear, bends and discoloration. This system is equipped with a vacuum fixture that is holding the test card in-place through the high-speed inspection motion. Sciotex engineers can customize this platform to your specific needs.

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