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  • From Discoveryto Final Deliveryand Beyond

  • Every day, we work hard to develop new technologies that improve quality, process and test operations alongside highly respected organizations. The team at Sciotex is an extension of your own team.  By focusing on building the best technology while delivering an exceptional return on investment, we continually strive to be our clients long-term technical innovation partner.

Our Name

In 2019 the team at Coleman Technologies decided to change our name to Sciotex.  After decades of growth from serving the most respected companies and scientific research organizations, we feel the name Sciotex is a better reflection of our commitment to improving the industrial and scientific industries.  It remains the same great company, with the same great people who have been assisting teams like yours since 1997. We are very grateful to all of our wonderful clients who have helped us get here and we look forward to serving you for the next several decades.

Our Vision

Sciotex brings together scientific and engineering expertise to transform our clients manufacturing, scientific and laboratory operations.  With over 20 years of experience in all facets of automation engineering our vision is to continue to deliver thousands of projects for the most respected manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, and scientific research organizations in the world.

A Mission to be your Long Term Partner

Sciotex works with our clients as a long-term partner, as an extension of their own team, inventing new ways of doing things faster.  Our solutions create significant competitive advantages, improve quality, and allow our clients to quickly respond to changing market and labor conditions.

The Collaborative Proposal Process

At Sciotex, we mostly invent new ways of doing things.  This means early and ongoing collaboration with your internal team is critical to success.  From engineering to finance we seek to involve everyone to ensure technical, operating, quality and financial justifications can be met. It is important that everyone’s objectives and inputs are addressed from discovery to delivery.


Formal estimating can be a time consuming and expensive process for both Sciotex and our client. Our engineering team will work on technical design and our business analysts will work on the financial justification. We will then present to the whole team.  Therefore all team members should be identified and included in the process early.


We have experience in all degrees of project complexity. Some projects may be complex or have many unknown variables. In these cases, Sciotex will often perform a smaller research phase to test hypotheses, math, algorithms and other advanced ideas to reduce financial risk, increase our collective understanding and better identify the best path to success.

Your Continuous Innovation Partner

We position our team to be an extension of yours. We build, improve and support systems at multiple stages of your operations.  Companies naturally grow and adjust their processes through time. Some of our systems are on their 7th generation and many have been in service for decades.


Over time, all technology improves and we can make the systems faster or do new things. So, when you are ready for an update or refresh, we can usually improve the systems.  We can also build duplicate systems to help support your growth. The goal of Sciotex is to be your forever partner in continuous improvement and innovation. We are proud to be that having earned the respect from many of the top organizations in the world.

Responsive Support

If your are experiencing a problem contact us. If its our systems, software or others, we will asses your situation and learn how we can help.

Continuous Innovation

As technology evolves, so will your systems. We’re up to date of the latest technologies and can upgrade or improve the operations of your current systems and software.

Certified Engineers

Our engineers are educated and experienced in the areas of Physics, Software, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Many are certified in vision, LabVIEW and robtics.

High Return on Investment

Not only do we develop the best technical solutions, we do so while keeping your return on investment an important part of the equation.

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