Our Vision System Platforms are Designed for Efficient Customizations


With over 20 years of experience building some of the most advanced vision systems in the world, Sciotex has developed the MultiView Vision System platforms.  These platforms are often used as a base with new custom software driven subsystems that our engineers utilize to build your industry specific applications. The benefit to you is more optimized development time using our proven standardized approach.  Resulting in significant competitive advantages from using stable systems that grow with your operations and are fully supported as technology and workflows change.


  • Defect Detection and Rejection Subsystems
  • Robotic and Manufacturing Line Integrations
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Gauging and Metrology
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Grading and Scoring Product
  • Counting and Identification
  • Advanced Image Acquisition and Algorithm Development
  • Custom Software including Machine Learning and AI


Developing customized vision systems specific to your requirements is challenging.  We work tirelessly to help you design, develop and integrate the best custom vision systems into your manufacturing and quality control operations. This gives you greater throughput and saves you significant time and money. All of our systems are designed, built and coded in the US.  Contact us today to discuss your project.

Vision System
Vision System - Surface Defect Detection

SurfaceView - Surface Defect Detection Vision System

Automatically detect, analyze and grade surface defects.  These systems have a very high return on investment by solving common bottlenecks in manual quality and grading operations. For high-growth companies, these are fully scalable to support your growth.

Examples of how this has helped our clients:


  • Detect and grade glass and other reflective surfaces in consumer electronics
  • Automatically grade used equipment trade-ins or refurbishments
  • Verify quality at end of line operations
  • Integrate with robotic pick/place systems
  • Software customized per client requirements
  • Monitor, control, automate and report
Vision System - Conveyor Vision Inspection

ConveyorView - Manufacturing Line Integrated Vision System

Put vision capabilities anywhere on your manufacturing line with ConveryorView.  Systems are customized as stand-alone or integrated modules.  Custom processing software is built to follow your rules, speeding up your line and quality control bottlenecks.

We can help you:


  • Automate verification and quality inspection points
  • Speed up product throughput
  • Create application specific software following your QC rules
  • Perform top-down to full 360 degree inspection
  • Separate and sort product based on inspection results
  • Continually improve with custom machine learning and AI algorithms
Vision System - Web Inspection

WebView - Automated Web Inspection Vision System

Web inspection is a unique area requiring the expertise to detect defects in complex, often overlapping strands in high-volume. Specific success in Fiber Optic related inspection has offers a multi-faced platform for complex web inspection.

Automated high speed web inspection:


  • Detects defects and dimensional gauging
  • Integrates into continuous feed systems
  • Uses high speed image processing
  • Identifies, grades and marks defects
  • Offers tracking systems and custom user interfaces
  • Integrates with your control systems

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