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Data Acquisition Applications


Data Acquisition Applications

Sciotex has developed hundreds of Data Acquisition systems and applications for a wide variety of industrial, R&D and university customers. We can help you develop and automate your experiments or industrial measurements. Listed below are just a few of these applications. Click the links below to view more extensive descriptions of some of the custom applications we’ve developed or contact Sciotex to find out more.

ND-1000 & ND-8000 Spectrophotometers and ND-3300 Fluorometer – Sciotex has developed numerous versions of the commercial software for these products.

Treadmill Monitor – collects varied physiological data from horses on a treadmill along with the treadmill speed and angle of incline.

Surgical Needle Bend Tester – system automates the process of ensuring that production batches of surgical needles meet mechanical yielding specifications.  FDA validated system.

Surgical Needle Puncture Tester– automates the process of ensuring that production batches of surgical needles meet needle sharpness and maximum point wear specifications.

Glove Box Tester– test system for automatically opening and close car glove boxes and monitoring forces on components.  System includes feature for high speed logging of unusual events.

Mouse Conditioning Tester– system allowing researchers to create, save, recall, and execute complex time dependent stimulation “recipes”, and measure physiological responses of multiple mouse test subjects.

Injection Molding Monitoring System– monitors and logs operation of an injection molding machine.  Alerts operators of fault conditions.

EMG Monitor – collects and analyzes human subject EMG and force data for research on cerebral palsy and other disorders.

Electrotechnology Laboratory Monitor – allows for the simultaneous monitoring and logging of data from 5 test stations distributed throughout a laboratory.

Stimulus & Response System – applies complex stimulus voltage waveforms to biological samples, while logging and analyzing tissue response.

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