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Plate Quality Inspection System Video

Fully automated system for inspecting all surfaces of plates and bowls for surface defects, sharp edges, blisters, shape defects and warp.

MultiView Inspection System Video

This video displays operation of our highly configurable MultiVIEW Inspection System, which inspects multiple sides of small objects for defects or size intolerance and sorts passing and failing parts. See the MultiVIEW Systems page for a full description.

Gasket Inspection System Video

The Gasket Inspection System visually inspects all surfaces of pipe joining gaskets for a variety of defects including tears, pits, excess flash, and bumps.

Ball Coleman SeedView Video

Using advanced hardware and software, the Ball Coleman SeedView systems can measure leaf area, seedling height and chlorophyll levels all at the same time! These data can then be used to identify and classify seedling structures such as radicles, hypocotyls, cotyledons and true leaves.  See the Ball-Coleman SeedView page for a full description.

Small Rod Inspection System Video

Fully automated system for inspecting small ceramic cylinders for small surface defects and dimensions.

Sciotex PerfectCount Video

The Sciotex, Inc. PerfectCount system is the fastest high accuracy small parts counter in the world. For a full description of this Product please see: Sciotex PerfectCount

Ball-Coleman Seed Counter Video

“Seed Technology that Counts” – that is the motto behind the world’s fastest seed counter. This video will take you on a tour of this amazing technology, which can count up to 2,000 seeds per second.  See the Ball-Coleman Seed Counter page for more information.

Screen Decoration Visual Inspection System Video

Screen Decoration Visual Inspection System which inspects silk screened dinnerware for defects. See more at Vision System for Quality Inspection.