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Automated Inspection System for Inspecting Small Parts

Sciotex has built 100's of vision inspection platforms for all sizes and shapes of parts and products. In this example we show the SPIS system configured for the automated inspection of small parts with high tolerance acceptance criteria. This platform, or similar, can be custom configured using our proprietary software or custom designed in-house to meet your quality control requirements.

Small Parts Inspection System - SPIS

The Small Parts Inspection System will singulate and robotically convey the UUTs to the measurement sub-stations. The measurement substations measure mass with a high-resolution industrial weigh scale, surface defects using a 3D scanner, and then length, cross-sectional width and height, and bending curvature using optical gauging methods.

This SPIS Configuration is testing for these characteristics.

  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Length: 20mm
  • Weight: 400mg
  • Speed: 15 parts per minute
  • Tolerances: 2µ and 1mg with automated accept/reject
This machine can be configured for parts larger and smaller than this example.

Automated Inspection of Small Parts Demo

Here is the SPIS platform custom configured as a fully automated system for inspecting height, width, diameter, weight and surface condition of units under test. The system includes robotic, electronic, optical, and mechanical components that are integrated into a turn-key system using custom software that Sciotex engineers customize to your specific needs. These systems work well for energy and medical device industry high-tolerance parts like spinal screws, stents.

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