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Biaxial Load Tester


Biological Samples Biaxial Load Tester

The Biaxial Load Tester investigates the mechanical properties of biological and synthetic tissues by stretching samples using a set of four in-plane stepper motors.  In this system, load cells monitor the forces applied to the sample, while an overhead camera tracks marker dots on the sample. Using the camera’s images, the deformation of the sample is calculated and allows for real-time strain measurements. Software feedback between the measurements and the motors allows the system to apply complex user-defined displacement, load, or even strain profiles to the tissues.


  • Integrates DAQ, Motion, and Vision for high speed data collection and motion feedback.
  • Applies user-defined load, displacement, or strain profiles to tissue samples.
  • Simple user interface convenient for novice operators in a multi-user facility.
  • Optical birefringence upgrade used to additionally map fiber orientation in tissues during measurements.

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