Disaster Prevention System

Environmental conditions (including temperature, humidity, air particulate count, and vibration) at mission-critical facilities, such as phone switching networks, are measured and logged. If any of the measured signals fall outside of administrator configured acceptable ranges, the system initiates a redundant auto-dialer program, which will progress through a configurable fall list until the alarm is acknowledged.  It includes features such as:

  • Multi-level password access
  • Ability to configure, add or remove sensors as needed
  • Viewer for viewing past events or data, as well as current data
  • Watchdog timer and automatic reboot of system in event of failure
  • Pager, and voice notification during configurable alarm conditions
  • Automatic archiving of data to a second PC via modem
  • Remote control of system via dial-up access
  • Ability to reboot system from a remote location


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