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Plate Quality Inspection System

Project Desciption

This system, developed for an international manufacturer of fine china and dinnerware, inspects plates for 4 types of defects.

Project Starting Date12.01.2016

Project EndIn Progress



The system was developed on top of our existing ConveyorVIEW system platform, which meant lower cost and fast turnaround time for our client.


Work Scope

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  • User defined pass/fail criteria
  • Multiple plate types up to 11 inch diameter
  • Several quality grade categories
  • Inspects both top and bottom of plates
  • Laser height mapping detects plate warps with <250 micron resolution
  • Detects trim (perimeter) defects with <180 micron resolution
  • Detects glass adhesion to both sides of the plates using grazing angle laser illumination
  • 60 plates per minute throughput