Part 11 & Data Integrity Toolkit

The Part 11 & Data Integrity Toolkit provides indispensable LabVIEW utilities for:

  • User Access Management
  • Data Encryption & Data Integrity Tags
  • Generating & Reading Activity Logs with Integrity Validation

User Access Management Features

  • Configurable password expiration time
  • Unique password & User IDs required
  • Lockout user on configurable number of failed attempts
  • Encrypted password file
  • User Access Manager (Level 10 access only) displays status of all accounts, including “locked” accounts
  • Activity log output

User Access Control Graphical User Interfaces

  • Enter User ID & Password
  • Change Password
  • User Account Manager
  • Account Setup

Data Integrity Features

  • Add Data Integrity Tags (DITs) to files or associate DITs to files or folders
  • Use Verify DIT VIs to prove that a file or group of files has not been modified since it’s creation.
  • Utilizes Public/Private Key RSA encryption – number of bits is configurable.
  • Toolset includes VIs for large integer mathematics; prime number & key generation.

Activity Log Features

  • VIs for adding all user activities to a system activity log file (ASCII text file) with DITs added to allow for detection of unauthorized log modification.
  • Activity Log Viewer – reads & verifies activity log (audit trail)The toolkit also includes an example program which demonstrates the use of the various toolkit component VIs.


Package Description Price (USD)
P11 Standard 1 license with source code. Some low level VIs password protected. Appropriate for most users. 695
P11-RT1 1 run-time license. 295
P11-RT5 5 run-time licenses. 995
P11 Full Source 1 license with source code. All diagrams exposed. 1,995

Download the Part 11 & Data Integrity Toolkit flyer in pdf form.

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