Light Sheet, Confocal and Adaptive Optics, Oh my...

Sciotex works on numerous projects with scientists at distinguished research institutions to create LabVIEW software for cutting-edge, biomedical imaging experiments. Our collaboration has resulted in the publication of numerous papers in prestigious scientific journals. One of our clients received a Nobel Prize during our years of collaboration.

All of our development staff have, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering and most have advanced degrees (MA or PhD). Contact us to leverage our talent and experience to complete your research project.

Custom Microscope Software

  • Sciotex has developed over 30 highly acclaimed custom Microscope software applications for over 15 research institutions, including these types:
    • Light Sheet
    • Confocal
    • Adaptive Optics
  • The resulting work has led to numerous publications. Sciotex employees have been included as co-authors on many of these papers.

Specific Technical Capabilities

  • LabVIEW PC, FPGA and Real-time execution
  • Image Processing & Custom Algorithms
  • Distributed Image Acquisition for high-speed, multi-camera installations
  • High speed image processing with GPUs, FPGAs, CPU vector extensions
  • System Integration with numerous types of scientific hardware including
    • Cameras (including Andor iXon and Hamamatsu Orca-Flash4.0)
    • Galvanometers and piezo nanopositioners
    • Pockel Cells and acousto-optic modulators
    • Motorized stages
    • Flip mirrors, shutters, and motorized filters
    • Spatial light modulators and deformable mirrors
    • And much more…

Additional Scientific Vision Applications

Sciotex has been delivering custom systems and software for scientific applications for over 20 years, including these applications:

  • TEM Autoloader & Imager
  • FLY Wing Beat Analyzer
  • Hanging Drop Crystal Finder
  • Live C. Elegans Neuron Tracking
  • Birefringence Imager
  • Crystal Size Characterization System
  • Seed Germination Characterization (SeedView)
  • Circulating Cancer Cell Imaging
  • Mirror Defect Characterization SystemCall to learn how Sciotex can accelerate your research.