Do you need automated test equipment that measures the performance or characteristics of your product or components? If so, call Sciotex to discover our ATE solutions.


Sciotex can provide you with a quotation for an ATE system with Guaranteed Price & Performance based on your Specifications.  Don’t have a Specification?  Our System Architects can work with you to prepare one!

Data Acquisition

We design and build custom ATE systems that can test, characterize or verify:

  • Mechanical properties
  • Electrical properties
  • Assembly procedures
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Functionality validation
  • Product Reliability

Example Applications

  • CANBus LVDT Production Tester
  • Synchro / Resolver Tester
  • Cable Test System
  • Smart Ram Test Station
  • Electrical Connector Tester
  • Glove Box Tester
  • Automotive Test System
  • Relay Test System
  • Custom ASIC Test System
  • Film Capacitor Tester
  • Rotor Control Test Stand
  • Ring Laser Test Stations
  • Surgical Needle Bend & Puncture Test Systems

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