Area Scanning Imaging System (ASIS)

ASIS™ is a highly configurable software package for acquiring, analyzing, & logging images over a two-dimensional scanning area. ASIS can be purchased as a stand-alone software package or integrated with a wide variety of cameras, lenses, light sources, and other hardware.

ASIS makes it possible to easily acquire, analyze, and log high-resolution images over an extended imaging area, including well plates, microscope slides, circuit boards, etc. ASIS utilizes an image processing “plug-in” architecture that allows users to develop unlimited custom image processing algorithms via National Instruments LabVIEW.


ASIS can be seamlessly integrated with a wide variety of vision system components. Complete, turnkey systems can be provided using a range of:

  • Camera types and models Motion hardware
  • Any spatial resolution
  • Analog, Digital & Firewire
  • Color or B&W
  • Servo or stepper
  • Variable XY dimensions
  • Resolution & accuracy
  • Lens types Lighting types
  • Fixed magnification
  • Manual zoom
  • Software controlled zoom & focus
  • Manual
  • Software controlled

All systems include 2-axis motion controller card, amplifier, and stages or XY table. Systems also include a USB joystick for manual control capability.

Please contact us to discuss your system requirements. We will be happy to provide quotations for custom ASIS systems. If you would like to receive a demo of ASIS (requires no imaging hardware), please contact sales at Sciotex and ask for a Demo CD.


The ASIS software is sold as a Base Development System (BDS) with the ability to add privileges or options. The BDS features include:

  • Configuration screens for controlling XY motion, image acquisition, image processing, and image logging
  • Multiple configurations can be saved and recalled
  • Auto-intensity control (hardware dependent)
  • Software controlled magnification (hardware dependent)
  • Plug-in image processing capability enables use of custom LabVIEW image processing VIs for image processing. (Particle counting demonstration plug-in is included.)
  • Multilevel user access control & activity log
  • Calibration module, which allows the user to perform spatial calibrations of the system
  • Ability to load or save various image file types (png, bmp, tiff, jpg)

ASIS Options

  • Operation with Firewire cameras
  • Auto-focus control (hardware dependent)

Value Added Services

  • Pre-configured systems including PC
  • Custom LabVIEW image processing plug-in modules for user defined image handling requirements
  • Fully customized ASIS versions
  • Sample holder plate adaptors (microscope slide, well plate, etc.)


  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • Minimum processor: Pentium 600 MHz CD-ROM for installation

Download the ASIS flyer in pdf form.

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