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High-Impact Manufacturing Automation, Scientific and Robotics Software Development


The core of great manufacturing and scientific systems is high-impact software. Sciotex is an advanced manufacturing automation software development company.  Our greatest strength is in custom software development.  But our team can work with most platforms and client systems to develop new systems, or modernize or repair existing software.  After over 20 years we have the experience from thousands of projects to get you to a better future.


The Benefits of Sciotex Application Development and Management:

  • Over 20 years of high-end manufacturing, robotics and scientific focused experience
  • All software is built, managed and supported in the United States
  • Our highly educated workforce efficiently delivers projects in less time
  • Advanced custom algorithm development, machine learning and cross-platform communications
  • Sciotex’s proven architecture increases your code flexibility, serviceability and user experience
  • Manage diverse applications with faster response times lowering your TCO, update risk and defect counts

We develop creative solutions to the most challenging industrial, chemical and scientific software challenges using LabVIEW, MATLAB, SCARA, SCADA, C, and embedded software development.

Software Modernization, Repair and Management

In over 20 years, we’ve seen it all.  We understand the frustration and expense that comes from maintaining and running code in declining states of functionality. Over time, multiple influences on your software can cause it to take on a life of its own.  Our team is skilled at distilling challenges into to actionable advice.

Sciotex can help you resolve:


  • Ballooning code from long-term internal servicing
  • Unreadable and unserviceable software
  • High defect counts
  • Custom driver development
  • Cross-platform communications protocols
  • Heritage portfolio support, management and digital transformation

Manufacturing Automation and Scientific Software

Our clients call on us for the really hard stuff. We deliver elegant solutions to complex problems. Our success has won the long-term trust of the most innovative research institutions and complex manufacturing companies.  Sciotex is uniquely equipped to handle your projects efficiently and effectively.

Our development team can help you:


  • Develop advanced scientific or biotech products for commercialization
  • Gain manufacturing intelligence for process improvements
  • Use AI and Machine Learning to support Continuous Improvement
  • Increase systems collaboration with industry 4.0 communications
  • Support your software with Sciotex’s immediate response staff
  • Add value by reducing future costs
Process Control

Custom Process Control Software and Support

Control “batch” processes or subsystems in larger processes.  We can write software to interact with almost any hardware.  Users are delighted with our easy to read and navigate interface designs. Management is happy to reduce cost by monitoring and acting upon data acquired from modernized software.

Our custom process control software provides:


  • P&ID software interface customized to mirror documentation
  • User can develop and execute custom scripts
  • Custom Alarm Definitions, Trend Graphing, and Logging
  • User Access Control
  • Monitor, Control, Automate and Report
  • Industry 4.0 Communications

A Software Development Company with a Human-Centric Approach.